According to Ben Shapiro, the End of Absolute Truths and the Negative Pagan Revival


Absolute Truths and the Negative Pagan: Pope Benedict XVI died on Wednesday. He was 95 years old. He had been out of office for almost ten years. He spent his whole life believing in the truth.

“Truth is more than just knowledge. Knowing the truth helps us find what is good,” he told Catholic educators at the Catholic University of America in 2008.

“We worry about the corruption of the idea of freedom.” Freedom is not just the lack of rules. It’s turning into a part of Being. So, turning away from God doesn’t make you free.”

Truth must be sought, because lying is the only other option. Over thousands of years, people have found timeless truths, and subjectivism is a big problem.

The eternal truths are that God made us in His image and gave us roles and responsibilities, and that true freedom means making choices within those roles and responsibilities.

What Happens When We Reject Those Truths?

A disaster occurs.

We lose faith in something higher first, and then in ourselves.

We are witnessing the outcomes of this two-step process in real time.

Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist, talked to The Wall Street Journal about what happens when we look inside ourselves. He said that Generation Z is stuck in self-centeredness, jealousy, and being alone.

“There has never been a generation as sad, worried, and fragile as this one,” says Haidt. “You talk about how great your life is, and then you scroll through photos of other girls whose lives are even better, which makes you sad.”

According to Ben Shapiro, the End of Absolute Truths and the Negative Pagan Revival

For girls, it has been agony to replace roles with constant self-evaluation. The new culture says, “You’re not going to take chances, you’re going to beg for favours, you’re going to play it safe, you’re not going to swing for the fences, and you’re not going to start your own business.”

Because people have lost their wisdom and ideals, new gods have come into being. Nature, the god of pantheism, punishes us for being too capitalist. Why else would “60 Minutes” show a segment that disproves “greenwashing”?

Ehrlich wrote “The Population Bomb.” Ehrlich says, 50 years after he said that billions of people would die of hunger in the 1970s and 1980s, “Humanity is not sustainable.” We need five more Earths to keep living the way you and I do around the world. “I don’t know where they are going to come from.”

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Ignore Ehrlich’s mistake. Why is he still so well thought of? Every religion, including the neopaganism of environmental catastrophism, needs prophets, of course.

As traditional wisdom becomes less important, the West loses its philosophical base. It is very important to strengthen these ties. They can only be helped by people who have the courage to stand up for eternal truths instead of hiding behind pluralism, which has become a safe haven for conservatives who support free speech but think that’s enough to win.

Either the truth will win or it will be destroyed. In an address to US bishops in 2012, Pope Benedict XVI said, “The Church in the United States is called, in season and out of season.

To preach a Gospel that not only provides unchangeable moral truths but also proposes them as the way to human happiness and social prosperity.” Each traditionalist is out to do something.

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