After the Golden Globes Were Literally Cancelled, Hollywood Stars Returned


When the Golden Globes came back to TV on Tuesday after being cancelled in 2022, the show’s host, Jerrod Carmichael, didn’t hold back. The comedian who won an Emmy said, “I’ll tell you why I’m here: I’m here because I’m Black.”

The award show is run by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. In 2021, critics pointed out that I May Destroy You and Insecure, both of which were made by Black women, were not nominated, but Emily in Paris was.

A later investigation by the Los Angeles Times showed that the organisation didn’t have any Black members and made financial and moral mistakes. For example, Paramount gave more than 30 HFPA members free stays at a five-star Paris hotel so they could visit the Emily in Paris set.

Carmichael said, “I’ll wake everyone up.” “Last year, the Golden Globes weren’t shown on TV. I’m not saying they were racist, but they didn’t have a single Black member until George Floyd died, so take that as you will.”

After the backlash in 2021, NBC decided not to air the show. Instead, the winners were announced online at a private event in 2022. Companies like Warner Bros.

Discovery, Netflix, and Amazon Studios stopped working with the HFPA in a public way. Scarlett Johansson and Tom Cruise are said to have given back three of their trophies after criticising the organisation and saying that its members asked sexist questions at press conferences.

But on Tuesday, big stars were back on the red carpet, Black actors won awards in a number of categories, and Carmichael talked about why he chose to host.

Carmichael said he was at home when his friend and Globes producer Stephen Hill called and said it would be an honour if he hosted.

After the Golden Globes Were Literally Cancelled, Hollywood Stars Returned

She says, “I was like, ‘Whoa.'” The next thing you know, you’re making mint tea at home and being asked to be the Black face of a troubled white organisation. “Life hits you hard,” Carmichael said.

In the last two years, the HFPA has added six Black members and 103 non-member voters, about a dozen of whom are Black. The group has also banned gifts, set up a hotline for people to report wrongdoing, and kicked out members who have been accused of breaking the rules.

Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, two actors, told the Associated Press that the HFPA’s changes were enough to get them to go to the show.

Jamie Lee Curtis told the Associated Press at the Palm Springs Film Festival Gala on Thursday, “I think there are a lot of award shows that are for profit, but the Golden Globes have always been an institution for charity, so I fully support those efforts.”

Brendan Fraser, who was nominated for his role in “The Whale,” did not go to the ceremony on Tuesday.

He had said before that he wouldn’t go back to the event because of how the HFPA dealt with his claim that former president Philip Berk touched him inappropriately in 2003. Berk quit the HFPA in April 2021 after people found out about a racist email he sent to members.

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