Aisling Bea Boyfriend: the Truth About All the Theories and Rumors


Aisling Bea, an Irish comedian, actress, and writer, is the entire deal. She’s not just a lovely face; she’s also talented, humble, and, needless to say, amusing.

Who would have guessed that, despite her laid-back and humorous appearance, Aisling is a very private person in real life?

The absence of knowledge about her personal life, particularly her sexual relationship, exemplified this. Aisling did this because she feared that exposing too many intimate details would have severe consequences.

Was Andrew Garfield Aisling Bea’s New Lover?

We had mentioned that Aisling Bea intended to keep her love life under wraps. She rarely refuted or verified any romance rumours, and it appears that she preferred to allow her followers and the media to make their own interpretations of the news.

Some of the names associated with her were not common. Aisling was romantically linked to Andrew Garfield, the famed Amazing Spiderman hero, in 2019.

The story began when Aisling and Andrew were seen “laughing together” and being at ease with each other during a West End performance of Hamilton in 2019.

It was understandable if onlookers assumed the two were a couple because Andrew was seen wrapping his arms around Aisling, who appeared to be at ease.

But, of course, neither Aisling nor Andrew said anything because it was in their nature to keep personal matters private. The photo was far too romantic for them to be “friends.” We realise, that actions speak louder than words.

Consider the possibility that the two are dating in real life. They’d make the most attractive couple of the century. In that single photo, the two looked lovely in a casual-but-formal ensemble. Their attire was likewise coordinated in hue.

Andrew was previously linked to Rita Ora, a famous British musician, before being photographed with Aisling. According to rumours, Andrew stopped things with her because he desired a “more private existence.” That clarifies a lot.

However, the Andrew-Aisling rumour fizzled out quickly. Since then, Aisling Bea appears to have been single.

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When Michael Sheen Was Expecting His Child, It Was Rumoured That He Cheated on Aisling

Before dating Andrew Garfield, Aisling was linked to Twilight and Underworld actor Michael Sheen.

Despite the fact that images of Michael and Aisling were widely circulated on the internet, neither Michael nor Aisling commented on the claim.

Not only that, but Aisling reinforced the rumour by publishing photographs from their Help Refugees initiative in December 2018.


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The photo was taken in New York, where the two were supposedly staying for a long period. Many individuals have assumed that his couple became “Instagram official” quickly after their rumour began circulating in 2018. The media kept finding them together when they were out and about.

Many people thought Michael and Aisling were quite compatible because they enjoyed conducting charity work.

Although many commenters focused on the work Aisling and Michael were doing, the media couldn’t help but notice that Aisling revealed her connection with Michael for the first time.

Unfortunately, Michael-Aisling was only a rumour. After the Daily Mail reported that Michael was expecting a child with someone else, he quickly denied the story.

Michael announced in 2019 that he and his partner, Swedish actress Anna Lundberg, were expecting a child. Michael was uneasy since he had been accused of cheating on Aisling when he was about to become a father. He clarified the situation on his Twitter account.

“I wouldn’t generally answer to this type of stuff, but for the sake of people I care about and who have more important things on their minds right now:

I was single from the beginning of last summer until I met my partner, Anna, who is now expecting our kid.” Just so you know. Thanks.”

Having said that, it was evident that Aisling and Michael were merely excellent friends who enjoyed doing charity work together.

And there was nothing wrong with it, and we should respect Michael’s genuine girlfriend and stop forcing Aisling-Michael to happen.

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Ardal O’hanlon, the Man Behind Aisling Bea’s “Worst Breakup?”

The rumour mill went on. People and the media never seemed to tyre of associating Aisling with whatever man she looked to be close to or working with.

Ardal O’Hanlon, an Irish comedian, actor, and playwright is the final name on the list.

The rumour first surfaced in 2015. Ardal was also supposed to be the man who broke Aisling’s heart so badly that she had to relocate to London after the split.

However, the speculation was made logical. Because Aisling told the media that someone had broken her heart, despite the fact that she referred to him as “the boyfriend” without naming him.

“It never occurred to me [to travel to London].” So I told them I’d audition as well. “I had a nasty breakup at university – you know when your heart breaks for the first time and you think to yourself, ‘I must leave this island as if it has never happened to anyone before,” Aisling Bea told the Irish Independent.

“I decided, ‘OK, I’ll travel to England,’ and it was the best decision I’d ever made,” she added. She has since left Ireland and finished her Arts degree in England.

However, there was no proof that Ardal O’Hanlon was the man she was referring to. Regardless of how badly her followers wanted him to be that guy, Aisling had never confessed it, and the rumour quickly died away.

Unfortunately, these men are connected to Aisling Bea, and after supplying all of the data, we can confidently conclude that she did not have any official connection that she was ready to divulge.

It’s also unthinkable if she’d never been in a meaningful relationship because, c’mon, someone as attractive, hilarious, and talented as her?! As a result, we must admire her ability to conceal her personal information.

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