Arnold Schwarzenegger Share His Tips for Success in the New Year


Tips for Success in the New Year: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a person who works toward his goals. In his most recent newsletter, Schwarzenegger talked about how he achieves goals at work and in the gym.

Schwarzenegger’s advice comes in three parts: first, be honest, but don’t be negative; second, don’t limit your goals to one year; and third, make at least one of your goals about your health.

“Do you think I’ll be more likely to change it if I start by saying, ‘Arnold, you look like a pig, you look like garbage, it’s time to fix it?'” or “Arnold, studies show that people who are in better shape live longer and have fewer health problems.

Would losing a few pounds give you more time to spend with the people you care about?” “The first part of his advice is what he writes about. “Negativity paralyses you; it makes you sad about where you are instead of excited about where you can go.” Get rid of the bad things (unless you’re one of the few people who thrives on them).”

“Second, you shouldn’t try to do these things this year. These are grand ideas about how to change who you are instead of what you are. You’ll make a lot of progress this year, but you don’t have to finish.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Share His Tips for Success in the New Year

Lastly, Schwarzenegger talks about the importance of physical health and how it can change the mind. “The Greeks always said that a healthy body and mind go together,” he writes.

“The other things can be things you’ve wanted to do for a long time but have put off, things you know you should do, or things that will help you grow as a person or at work.”

During the holidays, Schwarzenegger said that in the coming year, he would send out “a daily email with challenges, recipes, and health and fitness information.”

The newsletter is free and has tips and special deals for people who sign up for it. Schwarzenegger’s most recent post says that some of his followers who complete his latest challenge will win a FaceTime call from him and lifetime access to his soon-to-be-released fitness app.

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