ASAP Rocky and Rihanna Share the First Photos of Their Baby Boy


A$AP Seven months ago, Rocky had her first child. Rocky and Rihanna have shared the first pictures and video of their new baby boy.

A$AP On Saturday, Rocky and Rihanna posted several pictures of their baby boy on the rumour site Hollywood Unlocked (Dec. 17). In one photo, the baby is wearing a onesie, sucking on a pacifier, and looking right at the camera.

In another photo, Rocky seems to be holding the baby, who seems to be rocking a small blanket on top of his head. The baby of Rocky and RiRi is so cute.

Rihanna also posted a video of her baby boy in his car seat on her TikTok page. The R&B mom is filming her baby in the video, and the baby looks at her and smiles. The baby then tries to grab her phone and put it in his mouth. When she realises he’s trying to put it in his mouth, RiRi can be heard saying, “Oh wow, wow.”

In another scene, the baby is sitting in the car and making noises before trying to grab mommy’s phone and, presumably, taste it. Rihanna put the word “hacked” in the title of the video.

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