‘Avatar 2’ Will Easily Break Even at the Box Office, According to James Cameron


Los Angeles, The Academy Award-winning director James Cameron said that “Avatar: The Way of Water” will make enough money to pay for the rest of the sequels in his franchise.

According to Variety, the director was on this week’s episode of “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” and said that “The Way of Water” would have to be “the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history” just to break even.

The sequel has already made more money than “Top: Gun Maverick” did in 2022. It has made over $1.5 billion worldwide. “With the film’s current momentum, it looks like we’ll easily pass our break-even point in the next few days.

It looks like I can’t get out of this, so I’ll have to make these other sequels,” Cameron said. “I know what I’ll be doing for the next six to seven years.” Cameron said of the movie’s profits, “The point is that we’re going to be fine.”

I’m sure we’ll be talking to the top people at Disney soon about the plan for “Avatar 3,” which is already done. We’ve already filmed and photographed the whole movie, so we’re doing all the CG magic in post-production.”

“Then “Avatar” books 4 and 5 are written. We are even working on some 4. We’ve started a franchise at this point. We’ve started a story that will now be told in more than one movie.”

'avatar 2' Will Easily Break Even at the Box Office, According to James Cameron

Cameron said that “The Way of Water” would have to be the third or fourth highest-grossing movie of all time just to “break even.” “The $2 billion mark seemed to be what he was talking about.

The director told Chris Wallace, “I never really gave it a number.” I said it had to be one of the most successful movies ever, and someone else used that number, so it caught on. The real number is less.”

Variety says that the movie was expected to break even at about $1.4 billion, but it has already made more than that.

Variety predicts that the movie will make at least $1.82 billion at the box office, and a total of $2 billion is not out of the question. In any case, Cameron thinks the movie will make enough money to warrant more.

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So, what can fans of the “Avatar” series expect as it goes on? Cameron told France’s 20 Minutes that “Avatar 3” will look at “different cultures from those I’ve already shown,” adding, “The people will stand in for the fire.

I want to show a different side of the Na’vi, because so far I’ve only shown their good sides.” “In the early films, there are very bad examples of humans and very good examples of Na’vi,” the director said. “In ‘Avatar 3,’ we’ll do the opposite.”

Producer Jon Landau told Gizmodo that some Na’vi characters will come to Earth when the “Avatar” series gets to “Avatar 5.” “In ‘Avatar 5,’ there is a part of the story where we go to Earth,” he said. And we go there to show people, especially Neytiri, what life is like on Earth.

The RDA is not the only way to show what Earth looks like.” “Just as you are who you are because of the choices you make, not all people are bad. Not every Na’vi is good. On Earth, the same is true. We’d like Neytiri to know about it.”

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