Ben Simmons Dating: Who Has Dated Ben Simmons?


Ben Simmons has dated several stunning women throughout his NBA career. Nobody can deny the player’s impeccable taste. As much as he is criticized for his shooting struggles, Ben is a consistent performer off the court. Since he entered the league, the Philadelphia 76ers point guard has been spotted with numerous stunning women.

The Australian player was recently spotted with Maya Jama at Wimbledon. They reportedly reconnected in March after the player and the model exchanged social media messages, with Ben commenting on Jama’s posts.

The 24-year-old has a lengthy list of girlfriends, all of whom are prominent women. Contrary to what happens on an NBA court, the player made his shot and did not miss. Recently, Player Wives published a list of the women Ben has dated, revealing some incredible names.

Who Has Dated Ben Simmons?

1.) Dylan Gonzalez

Beginning in June 2017, rumors began to circulate that Dylan Gonzalez, a former women’s basketball player, and Ben Simmons were dating.

There is little information about their relationship, but they had a lot in common as professional basketball players.

Dylan Gonzalez is now known on Instagram as the Drip Doctor, where she models and raps. She has a devoted following of 1.3 million and includes a link to her new music in her bio. The pair dated until November 2017.

Ben Simmons Dating

2.) Tinashe

Things began to heat up between Simmons and Tinashe in March 2018. The pair reportedly began dating in February of that year but made their relationship official in March with matching Instagram posts.

These positions have been filled. Things appeared to be steamy between the two until early May when rumors began to circulate that Simmons was dating Kendall Jenner.

It is still unknown whether he was cheating at the time or if the two had already broken up. The relationship officially ended in May 2018.


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3.) Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons married in May 2018. The pair was spotted in public multiple times in July 2018, with photographs confirming their relationship.

The two maintained a serious yet casual relationship, traveling on vacations together while claiming to be friends. Kendall was caught kissing Anwar Hadid in September 2018, effectively ending her relationship with Simmons.

However, Simmons and Kendall were spotted together again in November, and she began attending his games with his mother.

The two maintained a casual relationship until around May 2019, when they were last seen together in January 2020. However, by April 2020, the couple had divorced once more.


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4.) Maya Jama

For the first time in 2019, rumors connected Ben Simmons to television presenter Maya Jama. Nothing truly stuck until 2021, when the two began teasing each other on social media.

Maya uploaded an Instagram photo of herself wearing a pair of red basketball shorts allegedly belonging to Simmons in May 2021. Additionally, the photograph appears to be taken in the basketball star’s home.

He then commented on the photo with a heart emoji, to which Maya responded with a heart as well. Simmons shared screenshots of the two on FaceTime in June 2021. The pair were then spotted kissing at Wimbledon in July.

Maya made the relationship Instagram official on July 20 when she shared photos in celebration of Simmons’ birthday. A series of photos and videos of the two lovers hugging and kissing were featured in her day’s story. She allegedly even hired a mariachi band to assist in celebrating his special day.


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