Betty Ross, Jonathan Ross’s Daughter, Has Revealed a Crippling New Health Problem


Last week, Jonathan Ross told the Loose Women panel about his daughter Betty’s health, and on Monday, Betty, who is 31, gave her own update. Jonathan said on Loose Women, “It’s been a tough couple of years for her in particular, but she’s getting better,” but Betty said on Instagram that she’s been feeling worse lately.

“How do you deal with the rain when you have fibromyalgia?” asked a fan. Betty said, “My pain is through the roof, and I’ve definitely noticed that it’s been getting worse over the last few days.”

Another follower said that the stress of the holidays and the cold weather make their fibromyalgia worse, which was something Betty could understand. She said, “I definitely find that sudden changes in the weather, stress, and sleeping on a different bed, mattress, or pillow can cause a flare-up.”

Betty went on to say that she doesn’t fully understand her condition yet. She wrote, “It’s so hard, isn’t it? Just when I think I have it figured out, I realise I don’t know much at all!”

Betty Ross, Jonathan Ross's Daughter, Has Revealed a Crippling New Health Problem

Her father, who is a star on The Masked Singer, said that his daughter is currently getting Perrin treatment and that she is “definitely showing some improvement.”

“She still can’t walk very far, but we got her an electric wheelchair over the summer so we can go outside and walk the dogs, which has helped her a lot.

“Anyone with a loved one who has a long-term illness knows how sad it is to be stuck inside and unable to do anything. Even taking the stairs is hard.

We need to give her enough time to get ready, come down the stairs, and rest before we leave. So it has an effect, but the good news is that she is getting better, which makes us happy.”

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