Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist and Other Beauty Experts Predict the Year 2023


The beauty trends of 2023 can’t be ignored. The New Year is a great time to start over, especially when it comes to beauty. This is the perfect time to try out new looks, like Taylor Swift’s red lipstick or Lizzo and Camila Cabello’s bright eye shadow.

Celebrity makeup artists think that this vibe will be popular in 2023. Three beauty experts told E! News that in the new year, people should be themselves and not be afraid.

They also said that everyone will wear makeup that looks like skin, eye gems, and bright magenta, lilac, and indigo. A trend from the 1990s, “lived-in” eyeliner may come back.

There are many options for makeup next year. Let’s look at what 2023 will look like, shall we?

Show Your Colors:

The head makeup artist at Euphoria, Donni Davy, said that she thinks lilac, periwinkle, and deep indigo will be the most popular colours for the eyes, while violet and hot pink will be the most popular colours for the cheeks.

Danessa also said that people aren’t afraid of “bold, dynamic shades,” and she thinks that Viva Magenta, Pantone’s Color of the Year, will inspire a new wave of beauty looks.

Beyoncé's Makeup Artist and Other Beauty Experts Predict the Year 2023

Eye Candy:

Donni thinks that eye makeup will be very dramatic in 2023. Think of the spikey eyelashes Twiggy wore, the makeup Olivia Wilde wore to the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, and new ways to get these looks.

“We’ll be drawn to eye products with really beautiful finishes,” the founder of Half Magic Beauty said. “That could be a pressed powder eyeshadow with a glossy, metallic finish, a gel eyeliner pencil with a little iridescent finish, or glitter products with a “grown-up” shine.”

Sir John said that next year, people will like “lived-in” eye makeup. “In 2023, we’ll focus on having more fun and expressing ourselves more through our eyes,” said the Chief Creative Officer of CTZN Cosmetics. “Graphic liner, eye gems, unusual colours, and brow experiments will be big.”

Beyoncé's Makeup Artist and Other Beauty Experts Predict the Year 2023

Back to the Fundamentals:

“Skin is forever skinning,” as Danessa put it. She means that next year, people will buy a lot of “hybrid” makeup products that cover up and help your skin. Donni thought the same thing when he said, “We’ll see more real skin texture.”

Donni went on, “With all the beauty filters and super-retouched celebrity photos, I want a swing in the other direction, and I think other people do, too.”

Whether or not you’re looking forward to what’s coming, Sir John’s wise words will leave their (beautiful) mark on you. He told E! News, “It’s all about putting on makeup that makes you feel good and like your best self.”

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