Bills Captain Reid Ferguson Responds to NFL Drug Test Order


The NFL randomly selects players for drug testing after games, but Reid Ferguson of the Buffalo Bills found it amusing this time. The NFL’s post-game random drug test orders are standard operating procedure… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t strange or embarrassing coincidences.

Weird. Embarrassing. Or hilarious, in the opinion of Reid Ferguson, the Buffalo Bills’ long-snapper and team captain, who discovered a note in his locker after the team’s 28-25 win over the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

And requiring him to submit to a drug test. And, yes, everything is “random.” But Ferguson and others appear to be aware that the note comes after kicker Tyler Bass, who gave his teammate a national shoutout after Bass made the game-winning field goal in front of a global TV audience.

“The more experience I have, the more times I kick, the more situations I’ve been through, the more I’m able to kind of get back to my baseline and kind of reset,” Bass explained. “

I have Reid Ferguson, who is a phenomenal snapper.” I have Sam Martin, a fantastic holder “I have them to lean on and trust, and it helps me get where I need to go.

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” Bass needed something to lean on after missing an extra point on Buffalo’s game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter, a blunder that put the Josh Allen-led Bills in desperate mode… but also put Bass in position to win it when he nailed a 45-yard field goal with seven seconds remaining.

“They’ve got my back,” Bass said of Ferguson and his teammates. “I’m extremely grateful for that. It’s incredible. ‘Do your 1/11th,’ Coach always says, and that’s all I try to focus on every day, every week.

I was able to go out and do my 1/11th and contribute to my team’s victory.” And Ferguson did his, too… and soon after, Twitter emojis or not, had to follow suit “make his contribution” to the league

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