Brielle Biermann Slams Other Bravo Stars Who Send Her Flirty Messages


Intrusions. Brielle Biermann said that she got a few romantic texts from men who were already taken. Biermann, who is 25 years old, said on the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast on Monday, “There are some really interesting direct messages from a lot of different people.”

Several of the people she knows “are married” or in public relationships, the reality star said. Biermann said that “extremely famous” people like Bravo stars and other famous people flirted online.

“I don’t like sending an emoji to say hello. If my man did that to someone, I’d say, “We’re done.” Bye! “Have fun with them,” she said. “I want to tell someone, but I don’t trust anyone who knows that. No one will get hurt.”

In the podcast, the TV star read what were said to be messages. “‘Hi, you’re beautiful.’ They could write to me and say, “Wow.” She said that they could send her a smiley face. Biermann said that she only told her mother Kim Zolciak about the contacts, and Kim Zolciak never replied.

“Where are we?”

I don’t want to hurt a marriage or relationship, but I’m not responding—I’ve never responded—and it won’t stop “she told me. “I can’t believe these guys are so tough.”

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“Like, if you don’t answer, it’s almost stalking if you just keep getting DMs,” the co-founder of KAB Cosmetics said. Weird. No idea. What do they think? That they won’t get caught?” Biermann says that the girlfriends of two men who have tried to hit on her follow her on social media.

“I’ll check the guy’s profile to see if their girlfriend is gone—is she gone?” How long ago were these taken? “she inquired. “When I visit her page, it says, “Follow back.” Here we are, and this is probably how they found me.” Biermann talked about how her mother wanted her to have children.

The Bravo star said on the “Behind the Velvet Rope” show, “She wants me to have a child.” “‘Come on, you’re not getting any younger,'” she says. I want a child. I’ll get one if you don’t.”

The 44-year-old former Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her husband, Kroy Biermann, have four children: KJ, 11, Kash, 10, and twins Kaia and Kane, both 9. After marrying Zolciak in 2011, Kroy, who was 37 at the time, took in her two oldest children, Brielle, 21, and Arianna, also 21.

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