Bringing Back ‘fashion Police,’ According to Melissa Rivers, is “Impossible”


Melissa Rivers knows that fans want the show Fashion Police, which her late mother Joan Rivers started in 2002, to come back, but she says it won’t.

“There’s no way to get it back now,” she told ABC Audio. Rivers said that the show’s satire, which consisted of the co-hosts giving their brutally honest opinions about red carpet outfits, would probably not be accepted in 2023.

Rivers said that the hosts should make sure that their comments aren’t taken out of context and misunderstood as attacks on someone’s looks or personality.

“What are you going to do?” “I’m not saying the actress isn’t beautiful, amazing, kind to small children and animals, and gives back every day,” she joked. “That’s not something I want to hear.”

After Joan Rivers died in 2014, the show’s boss, Melissa, took over for her on Fashion Police. In 2017, the show was taken off the air.

Bringing Back 'fashion Police,' According to Melissa Rivers, is Impossible

Rivers was happy to think back on Fashion Police and said, “It was funny, fun, and light.” She also said that the cast thought it was funny when a celebrity got upset because someone didn’t like how they looked on the red carpet, since they were either paid to wear the outfit or got it for free.

Rivers also said that a “actress friend” she didn’t name would “try to be the best or worst dressed because she’s like, ‘Either way, people are going to talk about me.'”

The Golden Globes are on Tuesday night, which is the official start of award season. Everyone is looking forward to seeing what people wear on the red carpet this year.

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