Carole Cook, the Star of ‘sixteen Candles,’ Died at the Age of 98!


In Hollywood, another big name has died. Tom Troupe, an actor and Carole Cook’s husband, said that she died of a heart attack on Wednesday in Beverly Hills. On Saturday, Cook would have been 99 years old.

The famous performer’s career was long and very successful. Variety says that her mentor, Lucille Ball, asked her to move from Texas to California. Even Mildred changed her name from Mildred to Carole because of the “I Love Lucy” star.

Cook had a small part in an episode of Ball’s “Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse” in 1959. From 1963 to 1968, he was in 18 episodes of “The Lucy Show,” and from 1969 to 1974, he was in five episodes of “Here’s Lucy.”

The redhead friends also played “Password” together on the game show in 1965. Cook was signed to Desilu. After Ball’s divorce from Desi Arnaz in 1960, Cook even lived in Ball’s house.

In 1964’s “The Incredible Mr. Limpet,” Cook played the wife of Don Knotts’s character. In “Sixteen Candles,” which came out 20 years later, she played Molly Ringwald’s grandmother Helen.

Carole Cook, the Star of 'sixteen Candles,' Died at the Age of 98!

In 2006, she also had a part in an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” She also did three shows on Broadway. In 1954, she played Mrs. Peachum in a revival of “The Threepenny Opera.”

Cook later acted in the TV show “Romantic Comedy” from 1979 to 1980 and the musical “42nd Street” from 1980. She played Dolly Levi in “Hello, Dolly!” in Australia for a long time in 1965.

Cook made a lot of news recently when he said that former President Donald Trump should be killed. In September 2018, she joked to a TMZ photographer, “Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?”

The Secret Service didn’t have to wait long to pay her a visit. She said later, “They couldn’t have been any nicer.” “‘I can’t go to prison,’ I said. The stripes are on the side, and I don’t like that.”

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