Chargers Vs. Colts: Game Time, Tv Channel, Odds, Picks, Online Streaming, Commentators, and More Details


On Monday Night Football, two teams going in opposite directions played a game. The Chargers are finally healthy again, just in time to go to the playoffs for the first time since 2018. Since he joined the league, Justin Herbert has been a standout, but he has yet to make the playoffs.

Herbert and the Chargers have won two straight games against teams that could make the playoffs. This has moved them up to the sixth spot in the AFC. The defence, which has been bad and has given up 369.5 yards and 24 points per game, kept both the Dolphins and the Titans to less than 17 points.

They will now play the Colts, whose quarterback is changing. With Derwin James back, the Chargers will want to go after Nick Foles early and often. Last week, they sacked the Titans four times, so they want to make sure they have full control of this game by going after Foles.

The Colts still need something to get them going to finish the season. That’s why Jeff Saturday decided to take Matt Ryan off the field again and put Nick Foles in his place. He wanted to help the offence get back on track.

The Colts have now lost four straight games. Last week’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings (+3) was their worst ever. Bet $10 on MIN to beat GB for $25 if they lose by less than 3 points: $20.00

Chargers Vs. Colts Game Time, Tv Channel, Odds, Picks, Online Streaming, Commentators, and More Details

To lose: $15.71, with a lead of 33-0 at the half. Foles hasn’t played for the Bears since Week 16 of last season. He will have to work hard to protect a passing offence that has scored 14 touchdowns through the air, which is the third fewest in the NFL.

The Colts would like to be known for rushing the ball and playing great defence, but so far that hasn’t been the case. The running game has been bad for most of the season because there haven’t been many passing plays and Johnathon Taylor couldn’t do what he did last year before getting hurt and missing the rest of the season.

As they get ready to play the Chargers, who have a strong offence, the defence is currently ranked 25th in the NFL in terms of points allowed per game, at 24.

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