‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ is So Odd That Netflix Took a Chance on It


Copenhagen Cowboy, which came out on Netflix on January 5, has parts from a few of Refn’s other movies. As it goes down its crooked path, the story and pictures become more and more abstract.

Cliff Martinez’s mesmerising synth-heavy score covers everything in layers and layers of creepy and romantic electronic music.

Miu, played by Valentina Dejanovic, is a wealthy agent who agrees to help the gangster Rosella (Per Thiim Thim). The bond between Miu and Cimona is more felt than said.

Copenhagen Cowboy, which was made by Refn and Sara Isabella Jnsson, is full of connections that can’t be seen. Refn’s sense of humour is so deadpan and dry that it’s easy to miss.

Copenhagen Cowboy is a long journey through the strange mind of its author. Miu follows a ghostly figure, and there are hints that she herself is a ghost.

By the time one of the characters in Copenhagen Cowboy brings a dead person back to life with the blood of a loved one who was killed, the story has broken every rule.

People who like the director’s style of sexualized violence will like how off-kilter the movie is, but people who want things to make sense won’t like it.

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