Dax Harwood Reflects on Bobby Fish Issue and What ‘getting the Squeeze’ Means


Bobby Fish and Dax Harwood talk about the word “heat.” Bobby Fish said in an August episode of his podcast Undisputed that he and Dax Harwood “got into it,” but they kept things professional. On his FTR podcast with Matt Koon, Harwood told the story from his point of view.

“I was never going to tell anyone about this, but Bobby talked about it in an interview, and that’s fine with me. I get along great with him. Before and after this, we got along great. We talk about our families, his wedding, and investments in real estate, and we get along great. This happens before anyone comes up with a headline. I thought he was taking advantage of me on live TV, and things got very, very heated on stage. I punched Kyle O’Reilly, not by accident, but because I thought he was also getting involved. We got to the back and had to be split up, but 30 minutes later, we apologised, hugged, and everything was fine,” Dax said.

Fish has talked about how he doesn’t agree with CM Punk and even challenged him to a fight.

CM Punk beat Fish in a wrestling match on the October 27, 2021 episode of AEW Dynamite. Punk won with his signature move, the GTS, but Fish kicked out at 3.1, so it wasn’t clear if the match was over or not.

Harwood said about the GTS incident, “As for the kickout, I’ve taken many pins in my career and gotten the squeeze, which means “thank you.” This is what I think and what I learned. I don’t know if Bobby learned something different. I feel that way about Bobby. I think he’s a great guy, and we get along well. We had a small fight where we threw hands, but like men do, we got over it and moved on.

He had learned, he said. “Dax explained that “the squeeze” means “thank you” in his training by saying, “To be fair, the squeeze means a lot of different things. It would never be a compliment to me.”

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