Derrick White Dating: Who is Derrick White’s Wife, Hannah White?


For the Boston Celtics in the NBA, Derrick White plays for them. In Division II basketball, he played for three years at the Colorado–Colorado Springs Mountain Lions. Then he moved to the Division I Colorado Buffaloes to play for one more year.

This isn’t the first time White has played for the US National Team. He also played in the FIBA Basketball World Cup in 2019. When he was a freshman in 2013, he was named RMAC Freshman of the Year. Then in 2015, he was named RMAC Tournament MVP.

Who is Derrick White’s Wife, Hannah White?

Derrick got married to the love of his life, Hannah Schneider, last year. She changed her name to Hannah White, and now she is his wife. After dating for a long time, they married last year and now have a beautiful life together.

A lot of information doesn’t seem to be out there about what Hannah does and who she is. Also, her Instagram account isn’t public. When she started dating Derrick, a well-known young player, she came into the public eye.


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There are pictures of Derrick and the two of them together on his Instagram account. The couple met each other in college and fell in love, so they married each other. If you look at them now, they have been together since then. They got engaged in 2020 and then got married in 2021. They both look happy and beautiful together.

Parents and Family of Derrick White

Colleen White and Richard White had a son named Derrick on July 2, 1994. Also, he has a younger sister named Brianna White. His parents can be seen having fun at the wedding because Derrick posted pictures of them as well. He didn’t tell us much about his family.


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On Instagram, Derrick often posts pictures of his parents. He is very close to his parents, and he often shares their pictures. Before his NBA draught, he and his parents were all together to see the best day of their lives.

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