Diaries Show Matt Hancock Considered Urging Covid-positive Trump to “Drink Bleach”


If you thought Matt Hancock’s comeback was limited to his third-place finish on this year’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, think again. The disgraced former health secretary has a book to sell.

The Pandemic Diaries by Mr. Hancock and Isabel Oakeshott will tell “the intimate story of Britain’s war against Covid” on Tuesday. The Mail has published excerpts and teasers, including one from October 2020, after both Donald Trump and Melania tested positive for COVID-19.

“It was tempting to go on social media and suggest that Trump treat himself by exposing himself to UV light or drinking bleach, but I didn’t,” he wrote.

In April 2020, the former star of “The Apprentice” asked if a “disinfectant that knocks it [the virus] out in a minute” could be used “via injection inside or almost a cleaning” on people.

Never put bleach into Covid or anything else to treat it.

Mr. Hancock wrote in his notebook that “a small part of me thought it was funny,” but “a much bigger part of me was horrified” when President Trump said those outrageous things.

“You might think that no one would take these crazy ideas seriously, but doctors around the world are now being forced to warn people not to try to treat themselves with Cillit Bang.”

Diaries Show Matt Hancock Considered Urging Covid-positive Trump to Drink Bleach

Other shocking entries include a “tragic” decision to send Covid patients to care homes without testing (because they “didn’t have enough testing capacity to check anyway”), a “crazy” plan to let “thousands” of prisoners out into the public, and a warning that 820,000 people could die from the coronavirus.

The chief medical officer of England, Sir Chris Whitty, told the disturbing fact “in his usual understated way.” Mr. Hancock wrote: “As Chris Whitty peeled a tangerine in the back, he quietly told everyone that in a reasonable worst-case scenario, up to 820,000 people in the UK could die.

The room went still. A human disaster on the scale of a century is happening.” The West Sussex MP’s suggestion that the cabinet’s response to the projection was “somewhat shrug shrug'” was reassuring.

forgiveness. In a Mail interview to promote his book, Mr. Hancock was asked about his confession to Charlene White in the jungle that “what I’m looking for is a little bit of forgiveness.”

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“I want forgiveness for the mistake I made when I fell in love with Gina and broke the rules,” he told the site. “I want forgiveness because, at the end of the pandemic, I didn’t follow the instructions I’d signed off on.

I did this for reasons that most people would understand, but that’s not an excuse. Leadership didn’t work. I don’t feel bad about loving Gina so much that I fell in love with her. He is not asking for forgiveness for falling in love with his assistant Gina Coladangelo in the viral CCTV video or for his answer to Covid-19.

He wants to be forgiven for breaking a rule because of a “human error.” He was caught kissing Ms. Coladangelo in an office when he was supposed to keep his distance from people, which may have slowed down his response to the pandemic.

The royalties from Mr. Hancock’s book will go to the NHS and “good causes related to dyslexia.” He talked about dyslexia on I’m a Celebrity, but only in three episodes.

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