Diego Luna on ‘Andor’ Success: ‘it’s Been Celebrated Because It’s Different’


For many “Star Wars” fans, “Andor” is one of the first real signs that Disney’s expanded “Star Wars” universe is living up to its potential. When the company first bought Lucasfilm, there was a lot of talk about how it planned to use film and TV projects besides the flagship trilogies to look at less well-known characters in a galaxy far, far away.

Even though some of the Disney spinoffs have done well with critics, many of them have been written off as nothing more than rehashes of the franchise’s best movies. However, not “Andor.”

The “Star Wars” series, which is directed by Tony Gilroy, has been praised by many critics for its honest portrayal of poor people living under the rule of an oppressive Empire.

Many of the previous “Star Wars” movies were about heroes who were going to do great things, but “Andor” is about the ordinary people whose lives are most affected by the Empire’s bad actions.

Almost every “Star Wars” movie has been about the fight for freedom, but “Andor” stands out because it shows in brutal detail what the characters are fighting against.

Diego Luna on 'Andor' Success 'it's Been Celebrated Because It's Different'

Diego Luna, who plays Cassian Andor on the show, is well aware of this difference. On the red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Awards, the actor thanked Gilroy and his team for making a project that was so different but could still fit into the larger “Star Wars” universe.

Luna said, “It’s too sad when people talk about ‘Star Wars.'” “I’m here because ‘Andor,’ which is part of the ‘Star Wars family, is being celebrated. But, you know, it’s not the same.

And the fact that “Andor” is different is one of the reasons why it has been so well received. It can stand by itself. This is exactly what we had in mind. And it feels great and strange at the same time.

We are part of “Star Wars,” but we are different from everything else in the series. I guess I’m just lucky to be able to do what I want on a “Star Wars” show.”

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