Drew Barrymore clarifies why she does not give her daughters Christmas gifts


Drew Barrymore’s daughters will not be opening gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. Nischelle Turner chatted with the 47-year-old host of The Drew Barrymore Show, and she explained why she doesn’t buy Christmas presents for her daughters, Frankie, 8, and Olive, 10, whom she shares with her ex, Will Kopelman.

“Every Christmas, I take them on a trip. I don’t bring them gifts, which I believe they don’t want at their ages, but I tell them, ‘I think we’ll remember the place and the images and the experience, and that’s what I want to give you,’ “She elaborated.

“They get plenty of gifts throughout the year, so I’m not like some strange, strict, cold mother who says, ‘You don’t get any gifts!’ I just think a life memory would be a better present. I’d rather invest in that than, say, a doll home. It all works out in the end.”

Barrymore did send her girls Christmas presents one year when they couldn’t go due to the epidemic, but she later realized, “It’s not about the stuff.” “I’m fine with skipping this. This is terrible.” Especially since Frankie and Olive “don’t whine about not liking what they get” with her trip-as-a-gift strategy.

“I’m delighted I do what I do,” she remarked of her holiday custom.

While Barrymore is pleased with her gift-giving strategy, she is careful not to become too engrossed in the holiday season.

“I try to remember that one holiday will probably not be the same as one ten years from now, that your life can significantly change, and new people and new traditions can enter it,” she said. ”

I enjoy looking at the holidays from a funny, realistic lens, knowing that there will be a variety of holiday stories. Which one do you want to carry on and establish as a tradition? Rather than saying, “This is my tradition, and I’m stuck with it,”

During the holidays, Barrymore began dating again, which she described as “feeling good.”


“I sort of shut off for a bit. I take breaks and then say to myself, ‘You know what? ‘I’m willing to give it another shot.’ “She stated. “… I’m just sort of open to the concept again because, in my dating life, I hibernate like a bear. I’ll disable the app. It’s not going to happen in my reality… There are on and off seasons. I’m experiencing an on-season.”

Good behavior is the most vital trait, according to Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore says she doesn't buy Christmas gifts for her daughters —  here's why

“As I get older, behavior becomes more important to me. It’s like my compass, “She stated. “Even while I’m dating, I’m thinking, ‘How do they act?’ When someone says, ‘He’s so hot.’ ‘Yeah, but does he conduct well? ‘Because it will either make him 10 times hotter or not.'”

Someone appears to have fit the bill, as Barrymore claimed that she had gone on many dates with one suitor, about whom she is “hopeful and optimistic.”

“There’s been a second and third [date] with someone,” Barrymore explained. “I feel like it’s generally one and done because I witness their conduct and think, ‘This is a no-brainer.’ This isn’t going to work.'”

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Barrymore doesn’t mind going on horrible dates even when it’s not a match. She actually thinks they’re “amazing.”

“They’re amusing. Don’t let them depress you. Don’t interpret it as a hint that dating is difficult or ineffective. That is only one individual. They do not represent other people “She counseled. “It’s perfect for an essay or conversation with your girlfriend over cocktails or whatever you’re into. Always maintain a positive attitude. Never, ever become cynical or jaded about anything, especially dating.”

Barrymore also urged that single people take time to “celebrate” when they are without a companion.

“Someone will come in and sweep you off your feet, and then that moment will be gone, and you’ll be living with someone else,” she said. “You have to enjoy the [one] time you have before that happens.”

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