Emily Blunt Gets Asked About Her Kids When She’s Working, but Men Don’t


Emily Blunt recently talked to Porter about how hard it is for her to be a woman in the entertainment business. In the year 2022, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are still big differences between men and women at work, which is very discouraging.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that even famous working moms have to deal with differences between men and women in their roles as parents and workers.

Blunt noticed that, even though it shouldn’t be a problem, working moms’ decisions are often questioned, while men’s aren’t. She even said that she and her husband, John Krasinski, are very different from each other.

Blunt said, “It’s strange that men don’t have to feel defensive about working, but women do.” Motherly’s 2022 State of Motherhood poll found that almost half of working women are the main source of income.

Many women are both moms and workers, but society tells them they should only care about their kids. Fail. They only spend time with their kids and don’t have time for themselves.

“When I was working in Atlanta, it was hard because I had to rush home every weekend, but the kids would stay with me for five or six days,” Blunt said. “I thought they wouldn’t ask Chris Evans, Andy Garcia, and Jay Duplass that.”

Exactly. I bet no one asks that of men. Guys aren’t thought of as primary parents. Men are rarely asked if they can work and be fathers, so society doesn’t question whether or not they can. They aren’t interested in half of what moms do every day. Society singles out mothers and lets fathers off the hook when it comes to parenting.

Emily Blunt Gets Asked About Her Kids When She's Working, but Men Don't

She is Also Not the First or Last Mother to Face Job Gender Disadvantages

Moms don’t have to do anything but be moms. Moms who work, are famous, or run their businesses can do both motherhood and other things. Indeed. They decide. Nobodies. Not men’s. Themselves.

Emily Blunt isn’t the first or last mom, celebrity or not, to be asked where her kids are. She isn’t the first or last mom to have trouble getting a job. It happens every day everywhere. Megan Fox and Emily Blunt. Whether you work outside the home.

Parenting should be a job for both parents, but moms do most of the work and get the most criticism when they try to enjoy other things.

Emily Blunt does too much to “prove” that she can juggle her career and her kids. She said that she felt “guilty” about wanting to work and be there for her kids. Society makes it seem like women can only be successful at one or the other, not both.

Even though they are mothers, moms go after their dreams, goals, and aspirations every day. Stop questioning our decisions. Stop doubting our equilibrium. Don’t ask where our children are.

Because moms are tired of being pigeonholed while dads can be anything. Moms are tired of being thought of as moms when their partners should also help raise their children. Moms are tired of being known only for being moms.

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