‘Emily in Paris’ Star Philippine Leroy-beaulieu Offers Ageing Advice to American Women


Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays Emily in “Emily in Paris,” gives beauty tips to American women. “Don’t overdo your face,” the 59-year-old actress told Page Six. “Just be very nice with that.”

She said, “Little things are fine, but when you try to do too much and don’t accept it, it looks like… hmm. The French actress also told older women to be okay with getting older.

Just enjoy being wiser. I like it. Leroy-Beaulieu said that it makes her feel at ease. We shouldn’t try to be 30 or 20 years old. Instead, we should just be who we are. It makes no sense. I guess it gets better the more we appreciate what we have.”

Leroy-Beaulieu has learned what’s important as he’s grown up, like “having strong relationships.” She said, “I don’t hold grudges any more.” I forgive and forget. Life is important.

After being on Season 5 of “The Crown,” the actress is having a good time. In Season 3 of Netflix’s “Emily in Paris,” she plays Sylvie Grateau.

Leroy-Beaulieu says that this season will have “a lot of twists and turns” and be “more complicated and funnier” than the last. “We’re going deeper into the characters,” said the César nominee.

We can see a lot. This season, Sylvie’s journey is full of turns and surprises. Costume designers Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi will continue to put together beautiful outfits for Sylvie and Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) in each episode.

Leroy-Beaulieu told Page Six, “I’ve never had a role where the clothes were a character.” “This takes place here. A different person. We have to play that part. It’s great. We have fun, but the costume designer has to put in a lot of work.

Will Sylvie keep dating photographer Erik DeGroot (Søren Bregendal) this season? Leroy-Beaulieu didn’t know what to do. “[My character] has more than one boyfriend,” she said as a joke. “See!.

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