Following Their Departure From Gogglebox, Former Cast Members Land New BBC Jobs


After leaving the show “Gogglebox” on Channel 4 earlier this year, George Baggs and his brother Joe both got jobs with the BBC. George and Joe Baggs, who have more than 2 million TikTok followers between them, will do the first-ever TikTok takeover on BBC Radio 1 on Christmas Day.

The two will take over the airwaves at 3:30 p.m. on Christmas Day as part of a takeover that the BBC says will give fans a chance to hear their favourite TikTok stars in a whole new way.

The brothers and nine other TikTok stars will host the Christmas Day celebrations on Radio 1. From 2 to 6 p.m., Radio 1 will be the “soundtrack to the Christmas celebrations.”

“Eleven stars from the worlds of comedy, entertainment, and music,” including Fats Timbo, Maddie Grace Jepson, Kyron Hamilton, Madeline Argy, and Max Fosh, will appear with the Baggs brothers.

Following Their Departure From Gogglebox, Former Cast Members Land New BBC Jobs

The Baggs family, made up of dad Terry, mom Lisa, and their two sons, Joe and George, left the reality show earlier this year after three seasons to look for “more exciting opportunities.”

In a long Instagram post at the time, Joe Baggs thanked his followers and fans for their help.

“After three great seasons of Gogglebox on Channel 4, we’ve decided to leave.” “We’ve loved every minute of being a part of the Gogglebox family, and it’s a chance that only comes around once in a lifetime,” he said.

“Because we all have so many exciting things coming up, we just couldn’t commit to filming another series, but we are so thankful for the chance.”

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