For Christmas, Pele’s Family Gathers at His Hospital Bedside


According to a post on social media by his daughter, Pele’s family spent Christmas morning with him at the hospital in Sao Paulo where he is being treated for worsening cancer, kidney problems, and heart problems.

Since he was hospitalised in Sao Paulo at the end of November, fans of the player, who is widely thought to be the best ever, have been hoping for his recovery.

Pele’s daughter, Kely Nascimento, posted a picture of the footballer’s wife, Marcia Aoki, and other family members gathered at the hospital where he is being treated shortly after midnight on Christmas Day. Pele was not in the picture.

“Just about everyone. Merry Christmas to you. Love, union, and family, thank you. What Christmas is all about. We’re thankful for all the love and light you send our way.” Kely penned a letter.

The hospital said that Pele’s colon cancer had “progressed” and that he needed “more extensive care” to treat his kidney and heart failure. His daughters had told him earlier that day that he would not be home for Christmas.

Edinho, who is Pele’s son, went to the hospital on Christmas Eve to meet his sisters Kely and Flavia Nascimento. Edinho was just named coach of the Brazilian Serie B football team Londrina, which is based in the northern state of Parana.

He wrote “Father… my strength is yours” on an Instagram photo of himself holding the football star’s hand. Edinho, who used to be a goalkeeper, showed up the day after he told local media why he wasn’t at his father’s funeral.

For Christmas, Pele's Family Gathers at His Hospital Bedside

“I wish I could be there, but I’m focused on what I need to do here. Since I’m not a doctor, I couldn’t do much to help.” In an interview that came out Friday in the newspaper Estadao, he said this.

On the same day, Kely posted a picture of herself hugging her 82-year-old father in the hospital with the words “one more night together.”

Pele, whose real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, has gotten a lot of messages of support since he was hospitalised. One of them came from French soccer star Kylian Mbappe, who told his fans to “pray for the King.”

Pele, who was only 17 at the time, dominated the 1958 World Cup. He scored a hat trick in the semifinals and two more goals in the final, launching both his own career and the soccer dynasty of the Brazilian national team.

He is the only player in World Cup history to have won three times (1958, 1962 and 1970). In recent years, the health of the man known as “The King” has been getting worse, and he hasn’t been seen in public as much.

On November 29, he was taken to the hospital for what his doctors called a re-evaluation of his chemotherapy treatments. He has been getting these treatments since September 2021, when he had surgery to remove a colon tumour.

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