HBO Has Cancelled the Betty Tv Series After Two Seasons


In the United States, Betty is a TV show. After two seasons, HBO decided to end the Betty show. In August 2021, it was canceled.

Betty’s performance has been well received by the audience. IMDb gave the movie Betty a 6.9 out of 10. Let’s talk in-depth about the series, Betty.

After two seasons, HBO has decided to cancel the Betty television series.


Betty is a comedy show for teens on TV. Betty was created by Crystal Moselle. The 2018 movie Skate Kitchen was turned into the play Betty.

Crystal Moselle was in charge of Betty. In 2020, Betty is in the running for a Gotham Independent Film Award. The whole movie Betty was shot in New York City. Betty has nothing to set up. The second season of Betty is set to start in June 2020.

There are two seasons of the TV show Betty. Both seasons of Betty have six episodes each. Every episode of the Betty show has its own name.

HBO Has Cancelled the Betty Tv Series After Two Seasons

Britta Lundin, Lizzie Nastro, Izabella Tzenkova, Ben Snyder, and Naima Ramos-Chapman came up with the idea for Betty. It was edited by Nico Leunen and Thomas Pooters.

The length of each episode of the Betty show ranges from 29 to 31 minutes. The TV show Betty was shown on HBO. Betty tells the story of a group of young women who are all different.

They figure out how to live in a world where men do most of the skateboarding. If we hear anything else about Betty, we’ll put it here. Let’s talk about the people who played Betty.

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