Her Omega-level Powers Will Be Highlighted in Marvel’s Storm Series


Marvel’s Storm Series: Marvel’s Ororo Munroe/Storm has been at the center of some interesting stories over the years, especially in the X-Men series’ recent trip to the Krakoan Age.

Marvel Comics says that this will now include a brand-new stand-alone series. The storm will be a five-issue limited series written by well-known Daredevil and X-Men writer Ann Nocenti and illustrated by Sid Kotian, who also worked on Gambit.

In the next series, Storm’s omega-level mutant powers will change in a big way, causing her to lose control at a crucial point in her journey as X-Men leader.

During the rest of her troubled journey, Storm will face a new enemy, do amazing things that have never been seen before, and even fall in love. Ororo Munroe has been a thief, a goddess, and the leader of the X-Men, and that’s just the beginning.

She is a tough opponent like no other because she is a mutant and can control the weather and because she is a great fighter (as Callisto of the Morlocks can attest). But when an elemental power shows up near the Xavier Mansion, Storm will be tested to her limits and beyond!

Storm used to have a mohawk and lead the X-Men. In this all-new, exciting adventure, she faces a new villain who threatens to break up her team and change what she thought she knew about herself.

Her Omega-level Powers Will Be Highlighted in Marvel's Storm Series

Nocenti said, “I joke about how cool it is that Marvel “brings back us old timers to sing our greatest hits” for the LEGENDS series.” “When editors Mark Basso and Drew Baumgartner asked me to write a story about “punk” Storm, I wanted it to match her style.

I thought about punk bands like Iggy Pop and the Sex Pistols and how they were supposed to be rebellious. So it was fun to start there and wonder, “Why would Storm rebel?” How good are her skills? The X-Men, what about them? Taking charge of a group?”

She continued, “I knew it couldn’t be Storm because she was always calm, royal, and peaceful.” “Storm needs to run away from herself. Then I got a stack of current X-MEN and fell in love with the X-new Men’s adventures.

These stories gave me ideas for my writing. So, even though this story is set a long time ago, Storm, Kitty Pryde, and the other X-Men show signs of who they will be in the future.”

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