How We Fell Victim to Witcherature


The spells in witch books will really work in 2023. There’s something for everyone, from a feminist take on Pride and Prejudice to a history of witch trials. The books are about a lot of different things, from fantasy to self-help to historical fiction.

One feminist says that there is a new wave of feminism that is taking a second look at women’s rights. This closeness to nature has been linked to witches for a long time, and it is a major theme in the books that are coming out right now.

“The dominance of both women and nature is being questioned and challenged right now,” says Mona Chollet, author of In Defence of Witches: Why Women Are Still on Trial, a powerful book about how women have been treated since the witch trials and how that has affected society today.

Fear drove witch hunts in the past, and it still drives prejudices today. The people who came to live in the Arctic were impressed by the Sámi’s knowledge of nature and their ability to live in the harsh environment.

Misogyny was at its worst during the witch trials, which had clear sexual undertones. Now She Is Witch by Kirsty Logan is an alternative story that tries to change the idea that witches are helpless victims. Juno Dawson says that it’s empowering when female characters use divine feminine strength to break away from patriarchal structures.

The #MeToo movement is going on at the same time that witch-hunting books are becoming more popular. Witch trials were the worst kind of misogyny, with clear sexual undertones, so it’s not surprising that the #MeToo movement has made people want to read books about witch-hunts.

Kirsty Logan’s novel Now She Is Witch, which came out this week, is an example of a story that tries to change the way people think about witches as victims.

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