Immigration Officers in Los Angeles Catch and Deport a Guatemalan Fugitive


Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said that a Guatemalan wanted a person who was hiding out in the United States to have been caught and sent back to Guatemala to face charges of attempted murder.

Mario Romero Perez, a wild person who was 22 years old, was caught by people from Enforcement and Removal Operations in Los Angeles on October 5. According to the law enforcement agency, ICE officers caught him in Wilmington after finding out where he was and who he was.

On October 17, an immigration judge told Perez that he had to leave the country and be sent back to Guatemala. His removal was taken care of by ICE’s Air Operations Unit. On November 9, he was flown to Guatemala and turned over to local authorities.

Enforcement and Removal Operations Field Office Director Thomas Giles said that Perez’s deportation was an important reminder that “anyone trying to hide in the U.S. for crimes they did in their home country will be actively pursued by ERO and sent back to face punishment.”

Officials from ICE also said that a man who was arrested in Ontario last year was sent back to Honduras early this month to face murder charges there.

Noel Hernandez-Molina, who is 40 years old, was arrested on December 21, 2021. On November 18, he was flown to Honduras and turned over to local police.

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