In Netflix Documentary, Meghan Recalls Her Awkward First Meeting With William and Kate


The Netflix documentary about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s private lives is now out. In the second episode, Meghan talks about her first meal with Prince William and Kate, who don’t like to hug.

When Will and Kate came over, that’s how I met her. Meghan remembers that she wore torn jeans and had no shoes. “I was always a big hugger, and I didn’t realize that made a lot of Brits feel uncomfortable.

“I think I saw right away that the formality on the outside was also true on the inside. That there is a way to look forward, and then you close the door and [Meghan lets out a breath]…and say, “Oh, good, now we can relax.” The fact that both sides were so formal surprised me.”

She says she met the queen for the first time just minutes before the meeting. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex remember that Prince Harry told them that they would meet his grandmother in the car.

“Do you know how to bow?” he asked. She chuckles. Harry says, “How do you explain that you bow to your grandmother?” Curtsy? It seems strange to us.” Netflix put out the first three episodes of Harry and Meghan.

The series’ black-background statement said, “First-hand account of Harry and Meghan’s story told with personal archives that have never been seen before.”

When all the interviews were done in August 2022, it was said, “Members of the Royal Family declined to comment on the content of this series.”

In March 2020, when the “Megxit crisis” is at its worst and Harry is getting ready to leave the UK for the last time as a senior royal, he films himself at Heathrow airport.

“Job and service, and I feel like it’s my duty as a member of this family to expose the exploitation and bribery that goes on in our media,” he says.

“Unfortunately, they are destroying us because we stand for something,” Meghan says in Vancouver.

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