Is Amy Robach Writing ‘the Morning Show’ “Plot Lines”?


Just when we thought the kettle was empty, there was more tea to spill. On Twitter, people are talking about an old tape of Amy Robach saying that there was trouble behind the scenes of Good Morning America that would make a good plot for Apple TV’s The Morning Show.

In a strange turn, the 20-second film from October shows one of the show’s stars and creators, Reese Witherspoon, asking GMA anchors Robach, George Stephanopoulos, and Michael Strahan what they thought of The Morning Show. The show is famous for how it makes fun of morning talk shows like The Today Show (a la the Matt Lauer scandal).

Everyone agreed: Stephanopoulos said, “We’re hooked.” Robach added to what he had already said, “We love it.” Strahan told Witherspoon as a joke, “You have no idea what people talk about around here.

Robach then said, “We can give you a couple more plot lines,” which got everyone in the room to applaud.
Yes, girl, send me an email, Witherspoon said.

At the time, Robach’s joke was taken at face value, but it’s clear now that she was probably talking about real problems at GMA Studios.

Is Amy Robach Writing 'the Morning Show' Plot Lines

Her rumored relationship with her GMA3 co-host T.J. Holmes, which was rumored to have been kept quiet until recently, was just made public.

Late in November, personal photos of Robach and Holmes got out, including shots from a romantic getaway in upstate New York and a New York City bar.

A source says that the co-hosts are “two adults who agreed to be apart” and “weren’t hiding anything.” Robach is said to have split up with actor Andrew Shue, and Homes is said to have split up with immigration lawyer Marilee Fiebig.

Robach and Holmes haven’t talked about the rumored relationship in public, even though they’ve both been away from their anchor seats lately.

Nonetheless, deeds speak louder than words. She has taken Robach off of his social media profiles. Holmes and Robach have both been taken off of GMA3.

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