Is Gustavo Fring a Gay Man? Better Call Saul Almost Certainly Confirms It


Fans have wondered Is Gustavo Fring a Gay ever since Giancarlo Esposito’s first appearance on Breaking Bad. The sixth season of Better Call Saul seems to prove it. People have asked about his sexuality.

Outside of his life as a drug lord and fast food business owner, Gus had no friends, family, or lovers. Breaking Bad dropped clues. Gus hated the cartel because they killed his business partner Max Arciniega, so he got even with them in a very angry way.

Better Call Saul showed the fountain Gus built for Max, and both Hector and Lalo Salamanca made subtle homophobic remarks. Hector criticised Fring for looking at him while he was urinating, and Lalo called Max Gus’ “lover.”

“Fun & Games,” episode 6 of season 6 of Better Call Saul, confirms that Gus Fring is gay, putting to rest rumours from Breaking Bad. Gus goes to a wine bar after an interview that was hard.

Staff members say he comes here often, and Gus has been seen looking at David. Gus stares at David at first, but then he says hello and they talk about wine. Gus is put to sleep by David’s babbling.

As if that wasn’t enough, Gus tells David that he bought an expensive bottle of wine based on a story he told him. David seems to be upset. The scene just shows that Gustavo Fring is very interested in this wine lover.

Is Gus Fring a Gay Man Better Call Saul Almost Certainly Confirms It

Gus’s Sexuality is a Big Deal

The fact that Gus is gay was finally confirmed in Better Call Saul was a huge step forward for LGBTQ representation in the world of Breaking Bad and in gangster dramas in general.

The saddest thing about shows like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and even The Sopranos is that fans have mistaken their toxic, overly masculine anti-heroes for role models to look up to.

Even though Gus Fring’s mystery is part of what makes him so interesting on screen, it was important for Better Call Saul to finally clear up the question of whether or not he is gay.

By confirming that Gus is gay, the fandom has to face the fact that one of their potential idols doesn’t fit their ideas of what a man should be like. Also, by confirming that Gus is gay.

Better Call Saul subverts the old practise of queer-coding villains to please straight audiences while keeping the character’s integrity as a real threat. It’s very important that the only LGBTQ character in Breaking Bad’s macho-driven world is also one of its most dangerous and cruel.

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