Is Joe Budden a Gay Man? Here’s What You Should Know!


Joe Budden, a rapper, and podcaster have become popular on social media since he said he was bisexual. He said it on his podcast today: “I’m bisexual.” “How do I tell people? How do I promote? I like both genders. Disseminate. Low.

Out of context, Budden comes out. When you hear the whole clip, you can tell that the 41-year-olds are part of a much worse fight. Budden and the other hosts are talking about the DaBaby situation. This summer, the rapper made homophobic comments on stage at Rolling Loud Miami.

He told the crowd between songs, “Put your phone light up if you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of those horrible s*xually transmitted diseases that will kill you in two to three weeks.” “Guys, if you’re not sucking d*ck in the parking lot, turn your phone lighter.” Be honest. Someone else on stage says, “Some of you n****s think there’s a motherf*cker.”

DaBaby explained more. In a live Instagram video, he said that LGBT people who support him “don’t get f*cking AIDS” because they aren’t “ugly” or “junkies.” He also made music videos. He held up a sign that said “AIDS.”

Is Joe Budden a Gay Man? Here's What You Should Know!

Madonna and Elton John criticized how he treated gay people and people with AIDS. After his headlining festival appearances were canceled and Dua Lipa stopped promoting their “Levitating” remix, he said he was sad.

I’m sorry to the LGBTQ+ community for the hurtful things I’ve said. I’m sorry again for saying things about HIV/AIDS that I didn’t know were true. I think it’s important to spread awareness. Love all people. Blessings. The rapper was quiet until last Sunday’s Rolling Loud New York.

He surprised his audience by doing a DaBaby set in the middle of his own. After the performance, stories about how the “CEO of the LGBTQ+ community” had forgiven DaBaby and accepted the version were all over Hip-Hop websites, which many internet users thought was crazy.

Even after the article’s source for TMZ said it was false, bloggers still posted it. Budden talked about the drama on his podcast. Budden and his friends say that the LGBTQ+ community is like the mafia and that they are making DaBaby apologize and pay to perform again.


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Budden “came out” to avoid being around gay people in this place. Is it so? Unaware. For Budden to join the club, he needs to study and think. If not, he’ll have more to do. I only want to be respected as a person who is LGBTQ+ and can speak for himself.

If a band goes on stage and says bad things about gay people, I’ll never listen to them again. Everyone has to deal with what DaBaby does. But some don’t. People who are LGBT and avoid him are not bullies because they no longer talk to him.

DaBaby is the only one to blame for the mess because he spread bad things. Budden tweets controversy. I saw word get around! Please pass on. Fans and stars both believe the story. Azealia Banks joined.

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