Is Maya Hawke a Lesbian? Who Does She Like Now?


Maya Hawke is a name you might know if you like Netflix and the shows that air on it. She will probably be remembered more than Maya Hawke for her role as Robin Buckley in Stranger Things, which is one of the most famous TV shows ever.

People don’t know what her sexuality is because in the drama she plays a lesbian. On the internet, there were many rumours about her sexual interests. So let’s get to some interesting facts about Maya Hawke.

Is Maya Hawke a Lesbian?

Unlike the beautiful American actress Robin, the model is probably not gay. Even though she plays a weird lesbian teen in two Netflix shows, Do Revenge and the science-fiction thriller Stranger Things, she is probably straight and interested in men because she has been seen dating men.

People all over the world were surprised to find out that Maya Hawke was a lesbian because she played both of her most famous roles as a lesbian. But her lesbian traits are only for movies; in real life, she is straight.

Who is Maya Hawke Dating Right Now?

When we look into our Robin, aka Maya Hawke’s personal life, we find out that she is in a relationship with Spencer Barnett, a talented musician who is also very attractive.

Is Maya Hawke a Lesbian Who Does She Like Now

Levan Hawke, who is Maya’s brother, set them up. For a long time, they worked hard to keep their relationship a secret. This couple is four years apart in age, and their families are similar in some ways.

Spencer Barnett is the son of Sloan Barnett, who used to be the district attorney of Manhattan, and Roger Barnett, who works for Shaklee Corporation. Spencer’s life is all about music, and he likes indie, rock, and pop, among others.

Exactly Who Are Maya Hawke’s Parents?

Maya Hawke’s parents were well-known actors and actresses of the time, so she comes from a Hollywood royal family. So, as we watched her shine like a star, we wondered where she got her charm, casual smile, and witty acting.

In the late 1990s, her parents were thought to be one of the hottest couples. In 1996, they met on the set of the movie Gattaca, and by 1998, they were married. Maya and Levon are friends with both of them. But when they decided to break up, that was the most shocking news in Hollywood.

There were rumours that Ethan Hawke was cheating on his wife, and those rumours were proven true when he married their family nanny, Ryan. From this marriage, he also has two girls.

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