Jamie Lee Curtis Speaks Out Against the ‘nepo Baby’ Debate


Jamie Lee Curtis weighs in on the “nepotism baby” debate because she is a “OG Nepo Baby.” The Everything, Everything, Everywhere actress, who is 64 years old, went on Instagram on Friday to share photos with her famous parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, and to talk about the conversation that was started this week by a New York magazine cover story about the famous children of Hollywood stars.

Curtis started her long caption by saying, “I’ve been a professional actress since I was 19, so I’m an OG Nepo Baby.” “I’ve never understood and never will understand what qualities got me hired that day, but from my first two lines on Quincy as a contract player at Universal Studios to this last spectacularly creative year 44 years later, I am reminded every day at work that I am the daughter of movie stars.”

“Talking about nepotism right now is just a way to put down, insult, and hurt,” the Golden Globe winner said next. “For the record, I have lived 44 years with the benefits my associated and reflected fame brought me.


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I don’t pretend there aren’t any, and I don’t pretend there aren’t any who try to tell me I have no value on my own.” Curtis, on the other hand, thinks that assuming that nepotism babies are not talented is “curious.”

The Halloween Ends actress went on to say, “It’s interesting how we assume and make snide comments right away that someone who is famous for their art and is related to someone else has no talent at all.” “I’ve found out that is just not true. I’ve dressed up and gone to work with tens of thousands of people, and every day I’ve tried to bring honesty, professionalism, love, community, and art to my work. It’s not just me.”

“We are a big group. We work hard at what we do. We’re happy about our ancestors. Curtis ended her post by saying, “These are hard times with so much anger in the world, but we are strong in our belief that we have a right to be here. Please be kind to each other instead of getting caught up in the negativity.””

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