Janelle and Kody Brown From ‘Sister Wives’ Have Split


It appears that another of Kody Brown’s spouses has called it quits.

Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, has left the Brown family, following Christine Brown as the latest wife to file for divorce, according to InTouch Weekly.

“Janelle is a strong independent lady who learned she can handle it on her own,” a source said, adding that Janelle “outgrew” Kody.

Janelle’s Instagram bio has also been altered to state “just me” with a happy emoji.

Given the tensions in the current season, the separation isn’t exactly surprising. The duo is seen bickering about COVID protocols at a family gathering in a clip from Sunday’s show.

“It’s the same old argument.” “I don’t need to be pounded into submission or forced to bow,” she tells Kody in front of his two remaining wives, Meri and Robyn. “I’m simply not. I just do not require this.

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I’ve recognized in the previous 18 months that I’m really decent. I’m self-sufficient, and I’m not about to stand here and get yelled at. I simply do not require it. I don’t deserve it, and I certainly don’t require it.”


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Janelle’s son Gabe cried on camera in a recent episode, claiming that his father had forgotten his birthday.

“I got COVID in January. I didn’t even have a temperature; I just lost my sense of smell. “October rolls around, namely Oct. 11, my birthday, and dad calls me and we have a brief talk about how horrible my COVID was,” Gabe told the cameras. “I shouldn’t have done it, but I did anyway.” I didn’t remind him of my birthday because I wanted to see whether he remembered, and he didn’t.

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Christine announced her and Kody’s divorce in November 2021, sparking a media frenzy and a high-tension season. Christine mentioned years of fissures in their marriage and his preference for Robyn and their children.

Janelle is Kody’s second wife; he married Meri Brown first. Christine was his third wife. Kody was wooing his fourth wife, Robyn, during the first season of their reality program.

Christine and Janelle retain their connection despite Christine’s departure from the family, and they recently went on a Hawaiian vacation and a road trip together.

Both Kody and Janelle announced their breakup in the upcoming episode’s trailer.

“I’m no longer with Janelle,” Kody explained. Janelle also said, “Kody and I have separated.”

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