Jennifer Coolidge Loved Winning Another Award for “White Lotus”: “I’m So Alive!”


Jennifer Coolidge is winning awards season both literally and figuratively, and it’s one of the cutest things to see. Even though the 61-year-old actress has been in movies like “A Cinderella Story,” “Legally Blonde,” and “Promising Young Woman,” she is only now getting credit for her great work.

The actress has already won a Primetime Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role as Tanya in the hit show White Lotus, and she just won another Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

“Do you know how alive I feel?” Coolidge told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet. “As you go through life, you sort of just assume that whatever baggage you have won’t change, because you’re used to going a certain way.”

She continued by saying, “Mike White, who made the show, made a lot of changes. HBO made a big difference. My whole life changed in an instant, and I couldn’t be more thankful. A surprise that only happens once.”


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When asked if she ever thought she could win all the awards, Coolidge said, “Nooo! No, I’m usually like, “I’ve got a big bowl of popcorn, and I’m watching!” No, this is so nice, and look, I’m not saying that everything has to be about winning awards for happiness or whatever, but I never thought I’d get another chance and play a role like Tanya in White Lotus.”

Last week, Coolidge’s funny and touching acceptance speech at the Golden Globes stole the show. We hope to see a lot more of Jennifer Coolidge during awards season and beyond.

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