Jonbenét Ramsey’s Father Reveals Tragic Christmas Details


JonBenét Ramsey was a child beauty queen. On December 25, 1996, she and her family opened Christmas presents, including a new bike, which she rode up and down an alleyway with joy.

Twenty-six years after JonBenét’s murder, which has still not been solved, her father, John Ramsey, said that the bicycle was the thing he remembered most about that day. “Oh, dad!” she cried out. “I asked her to let me go just one more time, but she said no, we’ll do that tomorrow,” he told The Sun.

“There was no such thing as tomorrow, of course…. It hurts to think about it right now.” Ramsey talked about how the press and tabloids were following him, his wife Patsy, and their son Burke around because people thought that one of them had killed JonBenét.

“Every time we went to the grocery store, our names or faces were on the cover of a magazine. One of them was called “Brother Did It.” In a statement from last year, the Boulder Police Department said that detectives had gone through over 1,500 pieces of evidence related to the cold case, including nearly 1,000 DNA samples.

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