Kate Middleton Laughs About Getting a “Early Start” on Christmas Morning


Most parents, including the royal family, start celebrating Christmas early in the morning. Kate Middleton said in a video that was posted on Twitter that she had been up for hours getting ready for Christmas when she met with supporters on Sunday after Christmas church service.

After a little girl named India gave her a bouquet of flowers, a well-wisher asked her how her day was going. “Thank you so much for a wonderful morning.” “I got up early this morning,” the 40-year-old woman said when another person asked about the gifts for her children.

The mother of three said, “Thank you, they got a lot of nice things.” Even though Middleton didn’t say anything about the gifts under the tree this year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did share on social media a holiday watercolour painting by their oldest son, George.

As Middleton left, a third person told the crowd that they had bet on what colour she would wear for the holiday, which turned out to be black and white again.

Middleton wore different shades of green for the holidays, such as an old Alexander McQueen coat dress, a green ribbed Mango dress, and a beautiful green hat with a feather.

Kate Middleton Laughs About Getting a Early Start on Christmas Morning

She finished off the outfit with brown suede boots, a brown handbag, and brown leather gloves. Prince William, who is nine, and Prince George, who is also nine, wore blue suits with white dress shirts and blue ties.

In the same way, Prince Louis, age 4, and Princess Charlotte, age 7, wore the same Trotters coat, but Louis wore blue and Charlotte wore burgundy. Even though almost the whole royal family, including King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, was there, the youngest royal once again stole the show.

One fan of the royal family took a video of Louis running to find his family after he thought they had left him. As the preschooler ran past the crowd, he called out for his older sister, which made everyone laugh.

When the child saw that they were just talking to another group of onlookers, he decided it was time to go and pulled on his mother’s arm to get them going. The youngest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales went to a Christmas church service for the first time.

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