Kevin Durant Likes Taiwan’s Tweet Mocking Shaq’s Petty Behaviour Toward Dwight Howard


Petty behavior is generally seen favorably by NBA fans for one reason in particular. It indicates that the gamer is invested in the game. He does not want to be insulted and will go to any length to avenge himself if he is.

When it comes to the game, this is an excellent habit to develop. However, in everyday life, things aren’t quite the same.

Petty people are difficult to interact with because they are vengeful and, in some circumstances, just plain nasty people.

Fortunately, Shaquille O’Neal isn’t a nasty person in and of himself. Is he, however, petty? Oh, boy!

Of course, his entire game was bolstered by his otherworldly pettiness while playing. But it’s been an awful streak of his since he retired.

This Shaq streak reappeared recently, just as Dwight Howard began to receive roses from the NBA community. After seeing everything, it appears that Kevin Durant has decided to stand up to Big Diesel.

As this has been unfolding, the NBA community as a whole has reacted quite positively to the issue. However, it appears that Shaquille O’Neal was not interested in attending the party.

Instead, he took a strong stance against it.

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There is some truth in what he says here, but there are surely better ways to say it. So, the unfair edge in his speech makes it plain that this is really pettiness.

An unflattering expression on a man who is known for being one of the world’s nicest people.

Dwight Howard reacted immediately, a response Kevin Durant appears to agree with Dwight Howard has never taken Shaquille O’Neal’s word for granted. And, while he did exceed the line at times, he surely did not do so here, tweeting this out.

And, as previously said, Kevin Durant agreed with every letter of the message.

To be honest, it’s impossible to find flaws with Dwight Howard’s statements here, and we certainly hope Shaquille O’Neal apologizes soon.

Even if he doesn’t believe Dwight Howard deserves one, the Taiwanese people certainly do.

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