Kevin Federline and Jamie Spears Are Writing a Book About Fatherhood


Kevin Federline and Jamie Spears are working hard, babe. Journalist Daphne Barak says that Britney Spears’s ex-husband is “writing a book about being a father,” and that the pop star’s estranged father has “agreed to help.”

Barak has talked to both Federline, 44, and Jamie, 70, in the past few months, and she told the Mail on Sunday that the two men “are now speaking to each other again” after a hard time in their relationship.

Federline got a restraining order against Jamie in September 2019 after the Spears family patriarch was accused of abusing his grandson Sean Preston, whom Federline shares with Britney.

Even though Jamie wasn’t charged with a crime, the protective order said that he couldn’t see Preston, 17, and Jayden James, 16, for three years. “I miss my two boys so much. “Yes,” Jamie told Barak in his first interview in ten years.

“We were almost there… It’s been hard to live without them for three years.” Jamie said of his family, “All I can say is that most of them don’t know what the truth is.”

Kevin Federline and Jamie Spears Are Writing a Book About Fatherhood

Britney Spears, who is 41 years old, said that her father was abusive before a Los Angeles judge ended the “Hold Me Closer” singer’s conservatorship in November 2021. The Spears family has had a rough time over the past few years.

Jamie has denied doing anything wrong. He told Barak that he doesn’t “know if [Britney] would be alive” if he hadn’t taken over her personal, medical, and financial matters in February 2008, when the Grammy winner was having a lot of trouble in her personal life and it was all over the news.

But Britney and her many fans think that Jamie abused his power as Britney’s guardian and used her estate to make millions of dollars for himself.

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