Kim Cattrall’s Mother, Shane Cattrall, Has Died at the Age of 93


Shane Cattrall died, and her daughter Kim Cattrall is sad about it. Shane, the Sex and the City actress, has died and gone to heaven. Shane, Kim’s mother, died when she was 93 years old.

The Hollywood actress told her followers on Instagram that her mother had died. Read on to find out what happened to Shane Cattrall, who is Kim Cattrall’s mother.

Mom of Kim Cattrall Shane Cattrall Died at the Age of 93

Kim shared the sad news that her mother had died on Instagram, a social networking site. She hasn’t said yet what caused her mother to die. The actress wrote a touching tribute to her mother on her Instagram page on Tuesday.

Cattrall posted a number of photos of herself and her mother Shane on the website Instagram, which lets people share photos and videos. Shane Cattrall (1929–2022)” “Rest in peace, Mom,” she wrote in the Instagram caption.

On Mother’s Day, Kim Cattrall Shared an Adorable Post for Her Mom Shane

Kim shared a sweet message on Instagram for her mom Shane on Mother’s Day this year. She just wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom,” as the post’s caption. “I’m 93,” he said.

At the time, Kim posted a picture of herself hugging her mother Shane. Both women were smiling and posing for the camera. In the picture, Shane wore big sunglasses and a pearl necklace.


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Let us tell you that this year, Kim celebrated Mother’s Day twice. In March, the star of “Police Academy” paid tribute to her mother, Shane, for the holiday in the UK.

“UK, Happy Mother’s Day!” Our mom was singing to us. Does anyone know the song that Mum is singing? She did not remember anything. Your help is very much appreciated. She wrote in the description of a video of her mother singing an old British show tune, “Give your mother a big hug!”

How Did Celebrities React to Kim Cattrall’s Mother, Shane Cattrall’s, Death?

As soon as Kim posted the sad news on Instagram that her mother Shane had died, many of her famous friends and fans wrote comments to show their sadness.

Alan Carr, a stand-up comic, wrote, “Sorry, darling.” “I really care about you,” Also, From Dusk Till Dawn star Juliette Lewis said, “Sending you so much love and God’s grace.”

Kate Bryan wrote to Kim to say, “I’m so sorry for your loss. We are all thankful that your mom gave us you. “Love and light are coming your way.” Miss Benny put a red heart emoji in the post’s caption.

Then, Christine Simpson said, “Oh Kim. “Mums are the best.” “My heart breaks for you.” “I’m so sorry,” Vanessa Kingori said. I’m sending my love your way.” Sarah Millican wrote, “I’m so sorry for your loss.” X.”

We send our deepest condolences to Shane Cattrall’s friends and family during this hard time. Don’t forget to come back to our site to find out the latest entertainment news.

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