Lewis Hamilton is Compared to James Corden by Jeremy Clarkson: ‘a God-bothering Annoyance’


The 62-year-old former host of Top Gear yelled that people’s constant support for the underdog is getting out of hand. Elon Musk and Dominic Raab were also called “crazy and insensitive” by Jeremy.

In his most recent column for The Times, Jeremy talked about the World Cup and explained why people in Britain were so excited when Saudi Arabia beat Argentina.

The actor from Clarkson’s Farm said that the British love of underdogs was “weird.” But Jeremy pointed out that this kind of love makes things unstable. “Why do we want the lazy and without the talent to win over the hard worker with talent?”

Jeremy went on to say that people loved Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton until he took over the leaderboards. “Then we all thought he was a God-bothering nuisance,” he said.

He said that it seemed like Britain had given up on the once-popular star James Corden after his big break in America. The star of “The Grand Tour” thinks that the underdogs are getting too used to being the country’s favorite team.

“Because they don’t have any friends,” said Jeremy, “cars should always give way to bikes,” Jeremy said that the recent mass departure of people from Twitter showed what this way of thinking was all about.

The host agreed that Elon Musk had sued him, but he felt sorry for Musk’s situation. “Musk is rich and successful,” he said, so even though the Starlink founder was left without a Twitter-ship crew, he was seen as the bad guy.

Lewis Hamilton is Compared to James Corden by Jeremy Clarkson 'a God-bothering Annoyance'

Jeremy then joined Elon and Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab in calling both of them “crazy and insensitive.” The presenter said that “Scrooge” as a scapegoat is not a good idea.

Jeremy said that the most popular thing in the country could be used to solve this problem. He suggested that sex offenders from Russia and Wormwood Scrubs play a football game.

“How are you going to get people to feel sorry for the underdog in a fight like that?” Jeremy asked. He went even deeper, suggesting that Prince Andrew and James Corden play tennis against each other.

A few weeks ago, the star of Clarkson’s Farm said that food prices in the UK should be doubled.

The 62-year-old has been running his farm in Oxfordshire since 2008 and said that the price of food should go up because it is hard to make. Clarkson said that the work was “soul-destroying” in an interview with the News Agents podcast.

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