Marjorie Taylor Greene Wanted to Visit Ye’s Office Just Last Week: Fuentes


Nick Fuentes, who doesn’t believe that the Holocaust happened, says that Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene asked to go to Kanye West’s presidential campaign office. Fuentes claimed after Greene called out the far-right extremist. Fuentes is part of the rapper’s campaign team.

In November, Fuentes, West, and Milo Yiannopoulos, an alt-right figure who worked as an intern for Greene in the summer of 2022, went to see Trump. West’s campaign manager for the 2024 presidential race.

Greene said bad things about Fuentes after he spoke at his America First Political Action Conference in February and retweeted a post on November 21 that urged Elon Musk to let him back on Twitter.

Fuentes said on Politically Provoked that Greene went to the Ye 2024 campaign office in California last week “when it was cool” but is now backing away because “the pressure got too intense.”

Alex Jones’ InfoWars show is where West said, “I like Hitler.” Jones is a conspiracy theorist. The rapper was barred from Twitter on Thursday after tweeting a swastika inside the Star of David.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Wanted to Visit Ye's Office Just Last Week Fuentes

I like that. Fuentes said that she sent Milo a text message a week ago telling him to come to work. “Milo said, “Oh, Marjorie sent me a text message. She wants to go to the office of Ye 2024. She liked it to be cool.

She would rush to LA to get to the office to look cool and get people’s attention. She turned around when the pressure became too much. Nevermind. Nevermind. I prefer to stay. He said, “I’m putting Nick Fuentes down.”

When it was the hottest thing in the world, she did anything to be a part of it. But as soon as it got a little bit awkward—even before the swastikas came out—she said, “Oh, I apologize,” which is so typical.”

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Fuentes hasn’t shown proof that Greene wanted to go to the rapper’s campaign office for president in 2024. Greene called Fuentes “immature” and “racist” on her online show, asking why West or anybody else would associate with him.

Nick Fuentes is not well known in the United States. When they hear what he says, they will avoid him. Greene said, “He sounds like an immature young man saying bad things about other people.”

“Then say, ‘I’m not a racist, or ‘I’m not these things.’ “If you talk that way, you are, and I don’t know why Kanye West would be associated with that.”

Greene told reporters in Washington, D.C., that she didn’t know that Yiannopoulos, who used to work for her in Congress, would go to Florida to see Trump with West and Fuentes. I had no idea that they went to Mar-a-Lago. “Like everyone else, I found out on Twitter,” she said.

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