Miles McBride Dating: Who Is Miles McBride Dating?


Miles was born on September 8, 2000, in Ohio, United States, to Walt and Kim McBride. When the youngster was born, his father was also an athlete and played for Xavier. This means that he has the genes of an athlete.

She was a tennis player for Ohio State. He is not the only one in the family. His older brother, Trey, played basketball for the Northwood.

He played in the NBA for the New York Knicks and now plays for the Westchester Knicks on loan from them. Oklahoma City Thunder took him with the 36th pick in the second round of the 2021 NBA draught. He was traded to the New York Knicks after that.

On August 6, 2021, the New York Knicks announced that they had signed a 21-year-old on a deal. He is a point guard for the Knicks right now.

In 2022, Miles was sent to the Westchester Knicks. He scored 39 points in a 117-107 win over the Delaware Blue Coats.

Miles Mcbride Has a Girlfriend

The 21-year-old Knicks star made his professional debut last season and is currently concentrating on improving his game. His career has taken precedence over his personal life for the time being, and we receive no information about his current girlfriend or how his love life is progressing.

Because he is not married and there is no evidence that he is dating any other woman, let’s assume that he is currently dating his professional life.


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