News Flash: a Lakers Player Has Been Suspended for Three Games


Patrick Beverley has been suspended by the NBA for three games.

The Los Angeles Lakers were defeated 115-105 by the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday in Arizona.

Patrick Beverley was tossed during the game for shoving Deandre Ayton to the ground from behind.

Beverly has now been suspended for three games, the NBA confirmed on Thursday.

Basketball Commutations: “Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverly has been punished for three games without pay after shoving Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton from behind and knocking him to the ground, according to Joe Dumars, Executive Vice President and Head of Basketball Operations. Beverley’s history of unsportsmanlike behavior was a factor in her punishment.”

Beverley pushed Suns guard Chris Paul in a playoff game in 2021 while playing for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Devin Booker, the All-Star shooting guard, was asked about the push on Ayton after the game.

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“Pat needs to quit shoving people behind,” Booker remarked. “All I have to say is smack them in the chest.”

Beverley is in his debut season with the Lakers, having spent the previous season with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

In 14 games, he is averaging 4.1 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 2.9 assists per game.

The Lakers will play the San Antonio Spurs twice and the Indiana Pacers once more in the following three games.

The Lakers have struggled to start the season, going 5-11 in their first 16 games and now holding the 14th spot in the Western Conference.

They are 5-5 at home in ten games but 0-6 on the road.

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