Patrick Peterson of the Vikings Slams Kyler Murray Following the Cardinals’ Latest Setback


Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson took aim at former teammate Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray on Wednesday, saying that head coach Kliff Kingsbury will almost certainly be blamed for the team’s recent troubles.

Former NFL CB Bryant McFadden brought up the Cardinals’ recent troubles and head coaching concerns on Wednesday’s episode of the “All Things Covered” podcast, asking Peterson whether he thought Kingsbury would be a “scapegoat.”

“There’s no maybe. He’ll be,” Peterson said of his long-time teammates. “And the weird part is, the guy who recruited him will still be employed.”

The Cardinals fell to 4-8 after failing to retain a fourth-quarter lead against the Los Angeles Chargers, who rallied to win the game, 25-24, with a touchdown and two-point conversion in the dying seconds.

Murray was asked about a crucial interception in the first half that led to a Chargers touchdown on the next drive after the game, and he made a specific remark to summarise his opinion on the play.

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“No, that wasn’t for Hop,” he explained of the interception. “I mean, they kind of, we were kind of f—-ed, mathematically.”

McFadden and Peterson were dissatisfied.

“Kyler Murray doesn’t care about anybody but Kyler Murray, that’s a reality,” Peterson stated.

Peterson spent two seasons in Arizona alongside Murray. After ten seasons with the Cardinals, he signed with the Vikings in March 2021.

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