Prince William Informs Friends That His Relationship With Prince Harry is ‘finished’


Whatever Volume 2 of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan brings, according to a source, Prince William feels his relationship with Harry is “finished,” broken beyond repair by Harry’s betrayal of him and his wife.

“The relationship between the brothers is over,” the source, a friend of William and Kate’s who used to be close to Harry, stated. There’s a general consensus that it won’t be anything new.”

But the harm to the fraternal connection has been done, according to the insider, and is rooted in William’s outrage at Harry for taking the media coin.

“William will never forgive Harry for divulging his and Kate’s secrets. Harry understands how important privacy is to William and Kate since he felt the same way. It was one of the factors that brought them together.

It sickens [William] that Harry, who knows how upsetting it will be for him, is now selling them to the media. This is not fair to William and Kate. It’s heartbreaking.”

Friends of Charles and Camilla have expressed a sense of sadness rather than anger. “The only thing Charles can do is maintain calm and carry on,” a friend of the king and queen told The Daily Beast. The last thing he wants to do is add to the fire.”

However, officials at Buckingham Palace have made it plain that they will respond to demonstrable mistakes; this was proved last week when the Palace disputed that it had been provided a chance to comment on the assertions made in the episode, as Netflix claimed.

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In the end, the Palace was compelled to retract a robust press statement and explain they had been contacted by a “third party” seeking comment on the show.

Princes William and Harry's relationship remains 'poor'

While it may not have been the wisest fight to choose, it was an interesting hint that Charles is not willing to simply let everything go.

The Palace, on the other hand, has remained silent as Netflix has sought to stoke controversy and excitement ahead of the film’s release on Thursday with a glossy trailer that promised much but, on closer inspection, revealed nothing new; for example, an unnamed “they” whom Harry accused of lying to protect William while being unwilling, to tell the truth, to protect him and Meghan appears to be a reference to… the media.

Supporters, advisers, and royal staff are likely to be delighted by Harry and Meghan’s plunging poll numbers in the United Kingdom, implying that their decision to go public with their grievances has turned the British people against them.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Harry’s favorability has dropped by 13 points since November, while Meghan’s has dropped by 7 points.

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She is now the second most unpopular royal tracked by YouGov, trailing only Prince Andrew in the unpopularity rankings. One ray of hope for the pair is that they are significantly more popular with young people than with older ones.

It will be fascinating to see how they rank in America when similar polls are conducted.

But it’s difficult to see how Harry and Meghan can maintain the narrative that they are the good guys when they spend so much of their time on mass-market television trashing both of their families.

If this week’s new episodes don’t tear apart any final bridges, Harry’s book, Spare, due out in January, and disclosing the family’s secrets all over again, is only likely to strengthen William’s hard-line posture.

Kensington Palace, William and Kate’s London staff headquarters, refused to comment.

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