Rihanna Creates Her First Tiktok Video to Showcase Her Infant Son


Rihanna personifies the term “unconventional.” While most celebrities in modern society use Instagram or Twitter to introduce their infant children, the Barbadian beauty revealed images of her baby boy for the first time via the ubiquitous social media platform TikTok.

Rihanna and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky racked up tens of thousands of views in their TikTok debut within minutes of posting this video of their first child together.

In the video, the son of Bad Girl Riri and Rocky sits in the back of a car in a booster seat, smiling and making other adorable faces. He is also attempting to obtain Rihanna’s cell phone. Rihanna can be heard whispering in the background, “He’s trying to get mommy’s phone.”

This unconventional way of displaying her 7-month-old son — the couple has yet to reveal his name — fits her personality of always doing something different, unexpected, and with class.

Remember, the “Umbrella” singer made headlines in January when she posed for photos during her pregnancy announcement while wearing a Chanel pink puffer coat. She also frequently wore Giorgia Baldi outfits and belly-baring tops while draped in jewellery to dinners and events.

Rihanna revealed in an exclusive interview with Vogue in May 2022 that the couple had no plans for a traditional baby shower or gender reveal party.

“There’s no pretentious my-brand-is-better-than-your-brand nonsense; it’s just us living,” she explained. “I just feel like I can do anything with him by my side.”

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