Russell Wilson Net worth: The Quarterback for The Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson, the Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, Wants to Play in the City "for the Next 20 Years."


The Seattle Seahawks, led by Russell Wilson, could be in for a change in the offseason.

As a result of the change, they may be forced to go in a less-than-competitive direction. It’d be reasonable if Wilson, 33, didn’t want to be around for the rebuild, but he’d have to waive his no-trade provision in order to allow a move elsewhere that would benefit both parties.

Wilson believes there’s no chance, at least not right now. Wilson told reporters that any talk of him waiving his no-trade clause is a “non-story,” and that he intends to finish out his contract, which runs until 2023.

rusell wilson net worth

Wilson’s 2012 NFL Draft career, which began in 2012 as a third-round pick out of Wisconsin, is still 10 seasons away from reaching the 20-year mark. To accomplish that mark in Seattle, he’d have to play into his 43rd season, which isn’t impossible (looking at and appreciating you, Tom Brady), but it seems too far down the road to a project at this moment, especially given the number of hits Wilson has taken in recent years.

So it may just be Wilson’s idealistic, good-for-the-brand stuff. There’s definitely some truth in that as well. But the Seahawks’ difficulties go beyond who’s at quarterback right now, and unless they think moving Wilson in a megadeal can ignite a quick rebuild, they’re still better off with Wilson as their starting quarterback.

This may all change if the QB carousel spins a few times this offseason. In the final month of a disastrous season that has seen them sink to the bottom of the NFC West, that period is essentially all Seahawks fans have left to look forward to. It remains to be seen whether Wilson will be included in their future plans.

Russell Wilson has a net worth of $165 million as a professional football player in the United States. From 2012 to 2021, Russell Wilson was a member of the Seattle Seahawks. Prior to the 2022 season, he was traded to the Broncos. He has appeared in two Super Bowls as of this writing, winning one of them.

He is one of the world’s highest-paid athletes. In terms of per-season earnings, his base NFL salary of $35 million makes him the highest-paid quarterback in the league. Russell Wilson earned $90 million from his many pursuits between June 2018 and June 2019.

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Russell Wilson Had 14 Teams on His Radar Before Settling in Denver.

Wilson’s team analyzed 14 potential teams, each with a distinct set of criteria: roster depth, cap situation, faith in the general manager/coach, quarterback development, season ticket, fan base, and so on. In that 14-team competition, Denver came in first or second place.

In the end, Denver was a great fit for Wilson, despite the fact that he’ll be playing in the hardest division in football, with each team possessing a franchise quarterback. With Khalil Mack and other free-agent additions to the Chargers’ roster this spring, the task becomes even more difficult.

When the deal is finalized, one of Denver’s allegations will be that Paton never talked to Green Bay about Aaron Rodgers because he was all-in on Wilson (five years younger than Rodgers and likely to play at least six or seven more years). That could be the case. Paton and Seattle GM John Schneider were seen in at least two extensive meetings at the Senior Bowl in late January, and they may have discussed it before then.

rusell wilson net worth

In Seattle’s case, I’ll always believe the drip-drip-drip of an unhappy quarterback had a role. Despite Wilson’s non-confrontational demeanor, Schneider was unlikely to pay a quarterback and ostensible team leader $50 million per year unless he was fully committed to the organization.

Schneider, a brave dealmaker and risk-taker, now has the ammunition (ninth and 40th overall picks this year, plus an extra first-rounder next year) to compete in the Deshaun Watson battle if he so desires. If Watson can be persuaded to waive his no-trade clause for Seattle, Schneider is the type of GM who will take the risk. (How could he not?) Don’t get too worked up about the Seahawks. “They’ll figure it out,” says the narrator.

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The Seahawks’ Incredible, Historic Run Comes to an End With the Trade of Russell Wilson.

When Russell Wilson arrived in Seattle, Matt Flynn had just been signed as the team’s starting quarterback. In addition, the Seahawks had never won a Super Bowl.

The union of head coach Pete Carroll and Wilson made NFL history, even if it wasn’t with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Wilson, who was drafted in the third round of the 2012 draught because he was too short, took over as the starting quarterback during his rookie preseason. The Seahawks had a fantastic squad surrounding him as he developed.

Carroll arrived in Seattle in 2010 following a successful tenure as the head coach of the University of Southern California Trojans. In his first two seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, he went 7-9. The Seahawks experienced two big events in 2012: they drafted Russell Wilson in the third round and enjoyed their first winning season in five years. That was the start of a fantastic run for the franchise.

The Seahawks won their first Super Bowl in 2013 thanks to a better Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and a stellar defense. The Carroll-Wilson period was at its pinnacle at that point, but there was still more success to come, including another Super Bowl appearance. The Seahawks chose to throw from the 1-yard line rather than toss the ball to Lynch in that game, and Wilson threw an interception.

The NFL is a fast-paced league. Perhaps Wilson will follow in Peyton Manning’s footsteps and create a fantastic second chapter with a new franchise in Denver. Carroll may also move on, possibly finding a quarterback to groom into the next Wilson.

However, it should be a depressing day in Seattle. A nearly ten-year winning streak has come to an end.

By the end of the season, there was widespread speculation that Wilson or Carroll would not return to Seattle for another season. Wilson expressed his desire to remain with the Seahawks but realized that things may change.

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