Sarah Jessica Parker Teases a Return of John Corbett to ‘and Just Like That’: ‘please Don’t Tell Anyone’


Sarah Jessica Parker has given a hint about John Corbett’s long-awaited return to “And Just Like That.” In the first episode, Samantha Jones and Mr. Big died, so Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York-Goldenblatt are now in their 50s and living in New York City without them.

In the “Sex and the City” spinoff, SJP plays a hopeless romantic named Carrie. In a joint Instagram post with the official account for the reboot, she and Corbett, who plays her former on-screen love, Aidan Shaw, can be seen walking down the streets of New York.

The caption says, “Shh. Don’t tell anyone.” The fact that they are holding hands suggests that their characters may be getting back together. Carrie and Aidan have a long history in the original show, which was later revisited in the second “Sex and the City” film, which was released in 2010.

Last year, Entertainment Tonight reported that SJP had finally confirmed Corbett’s return for the reboot’s second season. After Corbett lied about appearing in the spinoff’s first season in an April 2021 interview with Page Six, fans breathed a collective sigh of relief with the confirmation.

“I’m going to do the show,” he told us at the time, adding that he was “very excited” about it and that he would appear in “quite a few” episodes.

It soon became clear that Corbett’s character did not appear in the reboot, leaving many fans disappointed and irritated by the casual remark.

Sarah Jessica Parker Teases a Return of John Corbett to 'and Just Like That' 'please Don't Tell Anyone'

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis star in the HBO Max series, which is notable for the absence of original series star Kim Cattrall.

Season 2’s storyline will feature the much-missed public relations guru, according to showrunner Michael Patrick King. King, who previously stated that the door is closed for Cattrall’s return, was asked last year if fans can expect Samantha to return in the upcoming season, and he replied, “Yes.”

While he declined to elaborate, he did say that his goal is to “bring all the characters into the mix together so that they’re not so much on separate runways.”

In addition to Sara Ramrez, Sarita Choudhury, Nicole Ari Parker, and Karen Pittman, “And Just Like That” introduced several new big names to the “SATC” world.

Miranda left New York and relocated to Los Angeles for Che Diaz at the end of Season 1. Meanwhile, Carrie kissed her handsome coworker Franklyn (Ivan Hernandez). HBO Max announced in March that the reboot had been renewed for a second season.

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